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4 Things to Learn About Trout

Posted on September 13 2010

Classic Alaskan angling.  Photo: Cameron Miller
Classic Alaskan angling. Photo: Cameron Miller

4 Things to Learn About Fishing Alaskan Rainbows From This Picture

  1. They like banks. There’s plenty of structure right along grass and tundra banks.  Banks are undercut much more than you would think – giving trout a great combination of cover underneath the bank and access to food in the current.
  2. They like ledges. Same story, different kind of structure.  Rainbows at Alaska West will often sit with their noses tucked right on the edge of a ledge – they get cover and soft water by holding in the deeper structure off the ledge, but they have easy access to (and a great view of) the food that tumbles off the ledge.
  3. Walking a boat through a run is a great way to target them. We do a lot of trout fishing on foot.  We do a lot of trout fishing with the guide on the oars.  But when we’re covering a really juicy piece of water (and one that’s not too deep), nothing beats the ultimate control that comes with the guide walking the boat down.
  4. Fishing in the Keys makes you a good caster. Captain Keith Robbins is the guy in the funny hat, throwing the nice loop, backhand too.  He might guide in Puget Sound, but he also fishes a lot in the Florida Keys, and that’ll turn you into a real good caster.

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