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5 Flies for Kings on the Kanektok

Posted on May 09 2009

There are a bunch of anglers out there who are pretty darned excited these days, because they’re headed to the Kanektok River this summer to swing flies for kings.  The ice is out on the Kanektok, our setup crew heads in just a couple of weeks from now, and fly boxes are starting to get organized for chrome fun of the chinook variety.

As is the case with most anadromous fisheries, there are plenty of theories as to which flies work and why they work.  Today we present you with a simple selection of 5 flies that should do the job of connecting you with some Kanektok chrome.

Here’s the theory:

  • Big profile and small profile.
  • Light and dark.
  • Chartreuse for tidewater.
  • Always articulated, or tied on a string.

With that, here are 5 flies to bring along when swinging for kings on the Kanektok.

1. Solitude Jumbo Critter in Blue/Black

Photo: Solitude Fly Company

This is your big profile, dark color option.  Excellent for the early season and higher water.  A very visible pattern.

2. Solitude Pick ‘Yer Pocket in Orange

Photo: Solitude Fly Company

This is your big profile, lighter color option.  Again a big profile for big water, and a pretty darned shrimpy look.
3. Fergus’ Strung Out Rockstar in Blue/Black

Photo: 20 sub 3

OK, it’s got a pretty big profile by normal standards, but we’re still calling this our ‘smaller profile dark color’ option.  A great fly for later in the season.

4. Fergus’ MOAL Leech in Hot Pink

Photo: 20 sub 3

And your light-colored, small profiled option.  Our gear-fishing brethren know that the pink worm is a consistent producer in a variety of conditions.  Here’s your fly variant of the pink worm.

5. Idylwilde Morrish’s Trailer Trash

Photo: Idylwilde Flies

We generally think that specific colors aren’t as important as light vs. dark, profile and action, but when you’re down in tidewater, there seems to be something special about chartreuse.  We’ve heard theories about baitfish colors, and changes to salmon eyes in brackish water, and magical chartreuse feather juju…whatever the reason, chartreuse works well near the salt.  Don’t you dare come to the Kanektok without some chartreuse in your box.

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