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5 Non-Bonefish to Chase at Andros South

Posted on July 16 2010

#5, ready and willing.
#5, ready and willing.

Bonefishing on South Andros Island is just about as good as it gets, and the bonefish are the reason most people come to Andros South.

However, there are a bunch of different critters that swim around on our island, and we think it’s a shame if you don’t spend a little bit of time during at trip to Andros South having some fun pursuing some of our ‘other species’.

Here are 5 that warrant your attention.

  1. Barracudas. They’re everywhere.  They get big.  The crush flies and peel line like crazy.  You can sight cast to them on the flats, or you can troll for them in deeper water for a change of pace on a day with tough visibility.
  2. Snappers. Throw on a Clouser of some sort, pitch it into a deep cut underneath some mangroves, and strip.  You’ll probably catch a snapper!
  3. Sharks. It can sometimes be a little tricky to get them to eat a fly (hint: bait helps), but once you’re hooked up, the fight is pretty darned awesome.
  4. Permit. We don’t have massive numbers of permit but the fish we see tend to be awfully big.  If you get the right conditions and dedicate a day to permit, chances are you’re going to have some shots – and that’s pretty much all you can ask for in the world of permit fishing, right?
  5. Dorado. The dorado in the blue water surrounding South Andros are big, plentiful, and perfectly willing to crush flies, including surface patterns.  If the weather is good enough for you to head out to the deep water, you’re going to find some dorado, and you’re going to catch ’em.

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