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5 Reasons to Chase Silver Salmon

Posted on April 14 2011

Silver Salmon - 5 Reasons
Oh yeah - doubles. Lots and lots of doubles. Photo: Cameron Miller
We think that fishing for silver salmon at Alaska West is some of the most fun you can have with a fly rod, any time any place.
So, today we present you with an unabashed sales pitch on 5 reasons you should chase silver salmon at Alaska West.

5 Reasons to Chase Silver Salmon at Alaska West

  1. Fun for the whole family. Hardcore anglers, first-time fly casters, parents, kids, uncles, grandkids…everybody has fun fishing for silvers on our rivers.  The numbers are very high! Although experienced anglers catch more fish than novice anglers, our catch rates are higher than most folks imagine, and that makes for great times for groups of anglers – especially families.
  2. The Double Take. Here’s an example of the density of silvers that we’re dealing with.  You’re standing in front of a giant group of chrome salmon.  You make a cast and strip your fly back.  As you strip, one fish eats but you manage not to hook him.  That’s OK – you just keep your fly in the water, keep stripping, and hook another fish on the same cast.  That’s called a Double Take, and that actually happens a lot at our place…
  3. Fishing Games….which leads us to Baseball!  Make a cast and strip the fly back in.  If you hook a fish, that’s a hit and you’re up again.  If you don’t hook a fish, that’s a strike.  Three strikes and your buddy’s up.  Yep, that’s right – hooking a fish inside three casts happens a lot during silver season – which makes Baseball a pretty fun game.
  4. Action! This, and this, and this, and this.
  5. Rainbow fishing.  Wait, isn’t this a list about silver salmon?  Well, yes it is, but the silver run on the Kanektok lines up delightfully with some of the best trout fishing of our season.  The ‘silvers in the morning, trout in the afternoon’ program is pretty tough to beat.

Want a little introduction into the nuts and bolts of silver salmon at Alaska West?  Have a look right here.

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