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6 Hours In Charleston

Posted on November 10 2015

So, my wife and I had planned a trip to get down to Charleston for a couple of days and attend the Ben Folds concert on the first night but life gets weird with crazy schedule changes and our two day trip quickly was whittled down to just six hours in the Holy City.  This is what we did...

First off, dinner.  Melissa had worked most of the day at the office and I had done yard work in the rain.  We both needed something to eat and since she hadn't been to Boxcar Betty's it was an easy choice.  A simple menu and everything that we've had there was excellent.  The Boxcar and Fried Pickled Green Tomatoes and Handcut Fries can't be beat. 

Parking downtown was easy with $5 access to a parking garage for the night and we walked King Street to have a drink before the concert since we had an hour to kill.  We had never been in the Belmont but it's a cool joint with a solid menu, classy decor, and they play old black and white movies on the wall.  This is a great spot if you ever find yourself thirsty on upper King Street.

I've been a long time fan of Ben Folds that goes back to college years and listening to Whatever and Ever Amen.  We've seen Ben Folds Five in concert before and it's a good raucous of a show.  Last night's concert with Ben Folds accompanied by yMusic was so stellar.  A lot of the new ablum, So There, was played along with some long time favorites and there were a few musical improv moments with yMusic, and even members of the crowd, as well.

Great concert and I will see Ben Folds (or Ben Folds Five) whenever I can.

By the way, the Charleston Music Hall is a great venue as there isn't a bad seat in the house.  We were upper deck and had excellent seats.  Someone forgot to turn on the air conditioning and it got a little (my wife says A LOT) warm up there but the venue is perfect to take in a concert.  

It was a whirlwind of six hours in Charleston and we were home in bed at 1 a.m.  Burning the candle at both ends is fun (and in Charleston it's REALLY fun) and a husband and wife certainly need it sometimes.

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