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6 Popular Pages About Alaska West

Posted on February 27 2013

Rainbow Trout Spots.
The trout fishing in Alaska can be a little spotty.

Yes, we blog about fly fishing, but it turns out that doesn’t pay the bills!  The main thing we do is run fishing lodges, and one of them is called Alaska West.

Not all of the pages on our web site are blog posts – a bunch of them are pages all about our fisheries and our lodges on those fisheries.

Just to mix things up, we figured we’d share with you…

6 Popular Pages About Alaska West (That Aren’t Blog Posts)

  1. Rainbow Trout.  Our trout fishing is crazy, and this page tells you about our trout and includes links to lots of posts about said trout.
  2. King Salmon.  Hmmm, apparently we’re all about the fish, because all the most popular pages on our site aren’t about us or our program, but about the fish themselves.  Hmmm….
  3. Rates and Booking.  OK, back to reality!  Here’s how much it costs to fish at Alaska West, and how to book your trip.
  4. Silver Salmon.  Call ’em cohos if you like – we’re back to the fish parade and we’re OK with that.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have a question about Alaska West, you can probably get it answered here.
  6. Comfortable, Casual Accommodations.  Where you’ll be sleeping, what you’ll be eating, where you’ll tell your fishing lies, etc.

Actual Blog Posts About Alaska West

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