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Posted on September 30 2016

September always means a couple of things.  First, my birthday which is less and less celebratory now that I've passed 40.  I'd like to pause or even go backwards a few years but that's likely not going to happen.  Second, The Fiberglass Manifesto turns another year older as well.  This year is the number eight.  Can you believe it?

Eight years of starting almost every morning early working on blog posts with a cup (or three) of coffee.  Eight years of only fly fishing with fiberglass fly rods and never feeling like I should be using anything else.  Eight years of having conversations with anglers, rod builders, and fly rod companies about glass rods and what they are really capable of doing.  Eight years of traveling all over on fly fishing trips with friends and guides.  Eight years of watching the idea that "Glass Is Not Dead" continue to grow.  Eight years of seeing momentum and industry support behind this revolution of sorts.  Eight years of this silly blog being my daily creative release for my (admittedly hack) photography and writing but always honing skills along the way. 

I want to say thank you to everyone that makes checking in on The Fiberglass Manifesto as part of your day.  Thank you to those that follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and are part of the conversation.  Thank you to the small shop rod builders and fly rod companies who innovate with glass fibers, tweak tapers, and continue to blow my mind with the fiberglass fly rods that are producing.  Thank you to the circle of friends within fly fishing that I've been able to surround myself with over the years.  Thank you to the advertisers that make a lot of what ticks around here possible.  And finally, thank you to my wife (and two children) who have always been an incredible support in everything that I do that is associated with The Fiberglass Manifesto.  It is all very much appreciated.  

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