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A Big Heart for Women’s Waders“It’s easy to tell you why I love...

Posted on January 17 2014

A Big Heart for Women’s Waders

“It’s easy to tell you why I love the Spring River Waders. Firstly, the very feminine cut makes me feel comfortable. Unlike my waders in the past these fit perfect, they fit the curves of my body yet allow me enough room to move freely, they breath well, and above all they don’t make my bum look big! As a guide and casting instructor waders have become my uniform, I’ve left the business suits and high heels but I don’t want to have to lose my feminine look either.

"The grey colour scheme is not only more sophisticated than other waders, it also camouflages well in our Australian landscape which is essential in some of our trout waters where fish are easily spooked. The back suspender strap which undoes to allow girls to easily take the call of nature is terrific – thank you. This is easy to reach, and easy to use even with one hand. 

Above all else, the additional pouch on the front of the bib is a god send in our region. We see four seasons in one day and I don’t need thermal gloves anymore when it’s cold – so I get to carry less gear, and it’s in such a comfortable position to just rest your hands there. I was fishing with these waders the other day in a stream and the hatch was on. I needed to change my fly several times, matching the hatch. Just slipping the fly box in and out of the pouch without zippers, press studs or taking a pack off to get inside is simply awesome and logical. I get more fishing time!

“And lastly, the addition of straps that slide to adjust wader height, and placing the leg seams on the back, means I’m not worried about wear on them like I have been in the past. Great job design team!”

Thank you Simone Hackett, co-owner of River Fly and Fly Shop 1864

photo Daniel Hackett

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