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A Gagatron Going Richter?

Posted on August 06 2012

Gagatron - noun : See above.

From chokers to chumblers, crittery schnittles to chinkus flinkus and disc drags set to Stun Mode, the guidespeak at our lodges has become a venerable Northern dialect that’s invaded the Pacific Northwest and points East.  Special note: if you’re new to all this gobbledygook, this glossary might help.

The unique descriptions of giant fish and battered fishermen heard up here is also a big part of what makes camp life with us so special: it’s just fun to hear this stuff.

During Alaska West’s recent and always legendary Week One, your editor was lucky enough to share a boat with ace guide / mystic philosopher Kevin ‘KP’ Price, where he was also lucky enough to hear KP coin yet another term worth adding to the endless list of Deneki phraseology: The Gagatron going Richter.

And yes, that’s a good thing.

The entry into the Deneki lexicon: After a brief stint Thunderdoming in Judges Corner (a post in itself – watch for it), a diabolically unhinged high 30’s chromer king may or may not have snarfed the fly and turned tail toward Kuskokwim Bay, at which point KP proclaimed it ‘a very good idea’ to pull anchors and chase. Why? Because what’s on the end of the line is a Gagatron. And Richter is the scale of how big that Gagatron’s about to go if we don’t get on it quick.  You heard it here first.

Always a pleasure, KP. Thanks.

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