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A New FrontierThere is no question the world is vast and yet with...

Posted on July 01 2013

A New Frontier

There is no question the world is vast and yet with the Internet much of it seems so close. It is difficult to imagine a location where some adventurous fly angler has not yet wet a line. Well, they do exist and some of our good friends at Tourette Fishing out of Africa have spent a few weeks exploring one of these locations, they call it the Nubian Flats. Here is a taste:

“We have just returned from a trip that can only be described as groundbreaking in the circles of fly fishing. To avoid beating around the bush, we have just spent a week exploring the possibilities of developing a tropical flats fly fishing destination along the Sudan Coast in the Red Sea. We have dubbed what we have found The Nubian Flats. Literally endless flats, with each different island and mainland flat completely different from each other. Hard coral flats, sand flats, turtle grass flats, massive drop offs, coral gardens: the list is endless.

Three days into this exploratory mission and all signs looked promising.  Up until this point we hadn’t seen any signs of fishing pressure, and two local subsistence fishing boats were the first signs of any other humans we had seen in three days.

Day four and straight off the bat we walked onto a massive Yellow Margined trigger that was tailing in a foot of water. I have seen some big triggers before, but this fish was absolutely massive. The fish was on a hard sand flat, digging on the bottom, with the top half of its body completely out the water, flapping around like a pig with its head stuck in a feeding trough.”

What happened the rest of the trip? Read on at Nubian Flats Exploratory.

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