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Airflo Sinktip System

Posted on January 13 2012

Airflo Sinktips
Loop colour indicates weight.

Our buddy Tom Larimer is back today to tell us a little bit about the Airflo sinktip system and its color-coded loops.

Tom’s day job is guiding anglers for steelhead in Oregon.  He’s learned a thing or two in his day, though, so he also works as a line designer for Airflo.

Airflo has a new system of color-coded loops on their sinktips, and Tom talks about it in the video segment that follows.

We don’t want to steal Tom’s thunder…but here’s a summary of how the system works.  Simple is good!

Airflo’s Color-Coded Sinktip System

  • All of the sinktips have a color-coded loop.
  • Lighter colors mean lighter tips.
  • Darker colors mean heavier tips.

Here’s how Tom explains it.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to learn about Airflo’s sinktips on our web site.

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