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Alaska Silver Salmon Flies – Our Favorites (Updated)

Posted on September 21 2018

Our favorite silver salmon flies
Must have been the right flies.. Photo: Lucas Young.

Our summer seasons in Alaska and British Columbia might be winding down but that doesn’t mean our massive run of silver salmon has!

In fact, our silvers actually continue to push long after the end of our season. We have a feeling that might the case in your neck of the woods too, so whether you’re still chasing coho on your local waters or plan on joining us for some silver mayhem next season, we thought we’d give you a leg up by sharing a few of our favorite flies.


Alaska Silver Salmon Flies – Our Favorites

1. Starlight Leech, Pink. The standard by which all other Alaska silver flies are measured, the Starlight Leech has arguably caught more silver salmon throughout Alaska in recent years than any other. A great combination of flash, action, and weight, the Starlight has been a go-to for our guides for years. What color? Pink.. Always start with pink.

Photo: Solitude Fly Company.

2. Starlight Leech, Purple. Although pink is by far the most productive color for silvers in our neck of the woods, when a pod of fish starts to turn snobby, we find purple to be a great alternative to find a few more aggressive fish in the mix before changing spots. Heck, believe it or not, sometimes purple even out-performs pink, and a purple Starlight Leech is a good one to have in your box.

Photo: Solitude Fly Company.

3. Clouser Minnow, Pink/White. A guide favorite at Alaska West, a standard pink (ahem, we like fuchsia) and white Clouser Minnow tied on a size 2 salmon hook is hard to beat. Easy and inexpensive to tie and sparse enough for maximum action when stripped, a Clouser Minnow just might be the most productive fly pattern for silvers we’ve ever used.

Photo: Kyle Shea.

4. Popper Wog, PinkOur favorite way to target silvers, chugging poppers or wogs across the surface is about as fun as it gets. After all, who doesn’t love chrome bright salmon smashing flies on top? When it comes to surface flies, we prefer hard bodied poppers to the deer-hair ‘pollywogs’ of old and Solitude’s Popper Wog is one of our favorites.

Photo: Solitude Fly Company.

5. Deuce Wigalo, Pink. Over the last few years, the Deuce Wigalo has become a guide favorite, particularly in shallower/slower sloughs where heavier flies tend to hang up. Sparsely dressed, and flashier than most patterns (which we find works well on sunny days), the Deuce Wigalo works well both stripped and swung.

Photo: Solitude Fly Company.

6. Loop Leech, Pink. The Loop Leech is a great pattern when conditions warrant a largish profile with minimal weight. Extremely easy to cast, the Loop Leech is a great pattern for folks interested in swinging for silvers as well.

Photo: Solitude Fly Company.

7. Egg Sucking Hareball Leech, BlackNo silver box (or any salmon box for that matter) is complete without a black leech. When the going gets tough, we find black to be the best bet, and the Egg Sucking Hareball Leech is an old standby.

Photo: Solitude Fly Company.

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