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Alaska West Fishing Report: August 28 – Sept 4

Posted on September 06 2009

Photos: Cameron Miller

The final week of the 2009 Alaska West season has come and gone but we won’t soon forget the guests and the fishing that we experienced this week.

Guys like Mike Erickson, Craig Kruck, Brian Crowley, Mark Worthington and Larry Klein joined us again for some more great fishing on the Kanektok. Our new guests to the Kanektok like Martin Jacobs from the UK and John Enloe from the deep south of the US had a blast catching all species. Other new guests like Kern and Genoa Ferguson loved hanging out with the other guests and giving them a bad time about things other than fishing! Pete!

Larry Klein brought his buddy Douglas Bryans for his first trip to Alaska West and he had a great time getting to know the fishery and the family that is Alaska West. Jin Choi of St Peters Fly Shop brought along Roger Northen and Peter Weber to experience a slam dunk week of silver and trout fishing.

The silver fishing in the beginning of the week had started to wane a bit until we had a nice freshet due to a large Bering Sea storm that pummeled us. After the rise in the river level we started to see a fresh shot of fish enter the river which made for more great numbers of silvers on the fly. Guests caught silvers on poppers and every other fly you could imagine so everyone was able to take a nice box of silvers home from the plentiful waters of the Kanektok.

Trout and dolly fishing was quite good through the week, though the extra water in the river due to the storm made them a bit tougher to get to. Mousing was still worth trying though not quite as good as earlier in the season. Most ‘bows were caught on a mix of beads and flesh flies and a few on streamers. Dollies as usual were caught on just about anything you through at them – we’re sure you could have caught them on a Corn Nut this week.

Mother Nature reared her ugly head this week, but the guests and the crew toughed it out for some really good times on the river. Hot soup was a hit and turned in to a good time to tell some stories from the morning (and dry out). Even though the weather was awful at times it just reminded us that this is a good time to be breaking camp and heading home. This is the final fishing report of the 2009 Alaska West season, but we’ll be back at it June 11th 2010 for some killer king salmon fishing! Tight lines to all of our guests – thanks so much and we hope to see you all soon.

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