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Alaska West Fishing Report: July 30 – August 6

Posted on August 08 2010

Week 8 at Alaska West welcomed a great bunch of anglers to the first full week of silver action on the Kanektok. Bryan and Kathy Whiting along with sons Eric and Jason joined us for a fourth “once in a lifetime” trip. This family of four fishes as hard as anyone you will ever meet and it’s always a pleasure to see the way they enjoy each other on the water. John Tuckwell came all the way from the UK with his grandson Joe. They were both kind souls and they enjoyed every fish they caught, no matter the species.

Keith Robbins and Brooks Jorgenson joined us for the first time and they quickly caught on to the great fishery that is the Kanektok. Greg Grebe and Randy Wirick joined us from Anchorage. It’s always nice to have some local Alaskans in camp. We also met some family of our staff this week. Ben Beatty’s dad Ross and Andrew Grillos’s parents Mike and Karen were able to spend a week fishing and hanging out with the boys.

Once again the weather stayed pretty nasty through the week. Lots of rain at times, some good winds and very little sun! Since we are into August now that should not be a surprise to anyone! The river came up a bit at the beginning of the week, but she had stabilized and cleared nicely midway through. Temps this week topped out at about 60 degrees so it was easy to stay warm as long as your rain gear held out the incessant moisture from the sky (and the river).

Fishing stayed quite good throughout all the weather issues. Silver fishing picked up quite a bit through the week as the pink and chum numbers dropped by mid week. Anyone with a pink fly on the end of the line seemed not to have a problem landing silvers. Keith Robbins had a great day with Matt Hynes where he landed a 20lb chrome king which was the start of a Pacific Salmon Grand Slam. Nice job Keith!

Trout and dolly fishing was pretty stupid (easy) most of the week, with some of the guests landing some very large fish, like Karen Grillos and her huge dolly varden that was the size of a nice silver. The Arolik fished quite well this week with many enjoying clear waters and aggressive fish. We even saw some great days mouse fishing, which is not always the norm when the weather is tough and the fish are seeing lots of eggs and flesh coming down.

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