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Alaska West Fishing Reports: August 20 – 27

Posted on August 29 2010

Week 11 at Alaska West for the 2010 season was one to remember! Even though we only had a few return guests it seemed like we had known this group for years. Joni, Steve and Gabriel Botha joined us all the way from South Africa for the second time and as usual they had a great time while catching a ton of fish. Past guide Aaron Penvose also joined us this week with a couple buddies who had never been to a river with so many fish in it – needless to say they enjoyed themselves.

The rest of the guests were totally new to Alaska West though many had been to our Andros South operation many times over the years so they knew to expect good times and fantastic fishing while being fed well and kept warm and dry. Jim Curtis put together a very memorable group of guys from the South and we look forward to hanging out with them here and at our other operations for years to come.

This week turned out to be fantastic weather compared to what it had been. We had three really nice days in a row, which is more nice days than we had the whole rest of the season combined. We had some rain, but none that bothered the river, the fishing or the morale of the staff or guests.

As the river dropped out during the week from last week’s deluge the fishing went off! You could easily catch silvers the entire day with some really silly numbers put up more than a time or two. 30-40 silvers per person, per day was not hard to do if you wanted to punish yourself that way. Quite a few huge silvers were landed this week as well, some in the mid teens and all on the fly. Most guests could easily limit with 10-13 pound silvers if they held out for the big ones a bit.

Trout and dolly fishing went berserk this week since they had tough conditions to feed in the last two weeks. Many of the chum, sockeye, pinks and kings were washed off the beds due to the high volume of water recently so this week the bows went nuts on flesh and bead patterns as the clarity came back. More super colored up dollies were landed and even some large grayling were brought to hand as a bonus. We finished the week with a great slideshow of the week in photos and were left with memories of a fantastic week of fishing with new friends.

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