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Anatomy of a Weekend - Scene One

Posted on October 18 2011

Tim Schultz of Madness and Magic fished one of the last weekends of Michigan's trout season by meeting up with Adam Tsaloff at Voelker's Pond in the Upper Pennisula.  Hijinks ensued.

Tim sent along this T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest submission along with an eight part recollection of the weekend with a note of "Much is based on the truth. Some may be embellished but this is how I remember it."


Cast of Characters
ADAM, John Voelker’s quick-witted grandson
TIM, the bumbling photographer and flailing fisherman
BROOK TROUT, the foolish and unwary native

Scene One: The Internet Prologue
(Email exchange, day one.)
ADAM - Tim, I’m thinking of coming up to camp for this weekend. If you are free why don’t you come down and we can fish.
TIM - This might work for me, and, if so, I’d love to come down. I need to double check with my wife . . . I’ve been known to forget about commitments at times.

(Email exchange, day two.)
ADAM - It isn’t for sure yet with me but I’m working up to a planned escape.
TIM - If you can make it, I am in. Bring plenty of rods.

(Email exchange, day three.)
ADAM - I’m a go for the wekeend. I will drive up to camp on Friday afternoon. I’m thinking of exploring up from our pond into a series of ponds. I will bring plenty of rods.
TIM - See you there.

Visit the Madness and Magic Anatomy of a Weekend blog post to enjoy Scene Two through Scene Eight which include more of Tim's wonderful images and entertaining prose from the weekend. 

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