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Andros Island

Posted on March 08 2011

South Andros Island
That's all south of the South Bight!

Our home at Andros South is South Andros Island.  Andros Island geography can get a tiny bit confusing, so today we’re just going to tell you a bit about our island.

Andros Island

Andros Island is the southwest-most island in the Bahamas, and the biggest island in the Bahamas, and the least densely populated in the Bahamas.  It’s a big place without a lot of people.

We call it an island, but Andros is actually a collection of a whole bunch of islands.  The tidal systems on Andros are really complicated, with countless ‘creeks’ that flow through the island.

Right near the middle of Andros are three major waterways that cut the island into its major pieces – these are known as the Bights.

The Bights

The North Bight, the Middle Bight and the South Bight are giant saltwater openings in the middle of Andros, and they split the island up into its major parts (which also happen to be its administrative districts).  The whole of Andros Island north of the North Bight is called, appropriately, North Andros.  Between the North Bight and the Middle Bight are a whole bunch of smaller Cays.  Between the Middle Bight and the South Bight is Mangrove Cay.  And the area south of the South Bight is, you guessed it, our home – South Andros.

South Andros Island

South Andros is even less developed than the rest of Andros.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 people live in a handful of settlements, spread almost entirely along the east coast of the island – places like Congo Town (where the airport is located), Kemp’s Bay (our home) and Mars Bay (the southern end of the road).

At Andros South we fish pretty far south on South Andros.  We don’t fish up in the Bights because we like having more quality water to ourselves.  The tidal creeks on the east coast of the island, the vast area off the southern tip, the West Side and the inland waters on South Andros – that’s where we spend our time.

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