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Andros South Guest Post: 10 Things I Would Do Differently on My Next Bonefishing Trip

Posted on August 30 2014

Harrison Perrin at Andros South
Harrison putting the heat on.. Photo: Kyle Shea

Our bonefishing season at Andros South is just around the corner and we can’t wait to get back on the flats. We have a feeling that some of you might feel the same way, and may even be gearing up for a bonefish trip of your own!

Last season, we were fortunate to spend a week fishing with Harrison Perrin on his first bonefishing trip. Harrison is a super fishy dude from Australia who has spent his share of time chasing fish in both fresh and salt water around the world. After his first week of bonefishing at Andros South, he offered up some things he might do differently on his next trip to the Bahamas. If you are considering planning your first bonefishing trip, it is in your best interest to check out some of his suggestions! Thanks Harrison!

  1. Tie more flies with orange rubber legs – They loved them, I wish I had tied more!
  1. Come up with my own special bonefish fly that is like no other – Like the Shrimptruder. South Andros is full of hungry, uneducated fish willing to take a fly. It’s a great place to try your own pattern!
  1. Bring along a pair of long nosed forceps or pliers – For digging out flies safely when they swallow them deep (this happened several times). 
  1. Fish a shorter leader when it is windy – Trying to turn over a 10 foot leader into a very stiff wind is not fun. The fish aren’t leader shy!
  1. Cast closer to the Bonefish (2-3ft) – This would have given them less time to notice my fly line as opposed to leading them by longer distances. Often times, bigger fish would spot the fly line if led too far away.
  1. Fish a 6wt more on those ‘glassy’ calm days – The lighter line landed softer on the water, thus spooking less fish. Plus, it was super fun to fight a bonefish on a lighter rod.
  1. Pack a good camera and take more photos – My iPhone does not take the best photos.
  1. Take more videos – A video of these bones charging a fly is something I wish I could show friends.
  1. Have a Permit rod rigged at all times – I learned my lesson there!
  1. Pursue more fish on foot than from the boat – Its way more fun catching a fish while wading!

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