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Andros South Rescheduling Policy

Posted on August 03 2010

This fish got caught in January.  Photo: Louis Cahill
This fish got caught in January. Photo: Louis Cahill

We’ve just entered the month of August, or what we like to call ‘PlanYour Winter Bonefishing Month’.

Yes, we think this is a great time to schedule your warm weather fun for the upcoming winter.  As you may know by now, bonefishing at Andros South between October and February is pretty awesome for a few reasons.

  • The biggest bonefish of the year get caught between October and February.
  • The average high on South Andros in January is a whopping 3 degrees cooler than the average high in May.
  • Chances are the weather where you live is pretty crappy between October and February.

But we digress.  Since you’re right in the middle of planning your winter bonefishing, we figured we’d give you a little reminder of the revolutionary new rebooking policy that we announced a few months back.

With 7 or more days’ notice, you can reschedule your trip to Andros South for any reason and at no charge from us, subject to availability of course.

Here are some valid reasons for rescheduling your trip to Andros South.

  • The biggest cold front in the last 1,000 years is headed straight for South Andros.
  • You ran out of #2 Gotchas.
  • It turns out there’s a very important episode of Dancing with the Stars right the middle of your week.
  • You feel like it.

If uncertainty around weather or personal plans is keeping you from booking your time on the flats this winter, cast your worries aside and drop us a line!

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