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Angler Sports group is pleased to announce five new items for the fall and winter selling season.

Posted on October 06 2020


Angler Sports group is pleased to announce five new items for the fall and winter selling season. These innovative items are in stock and ready to ship just in time for that all-important holiday selling season.







Daiichi is taking a bold new approach in the barbless competition fly hook market. Daiichi is offering 5 new nano finished Czech/Scud style barbless hooks. They are offering the new 1920 series in Matte Bronze, the 1924 series in Matte Green, the 1925 series in Matte Brown, the 1928 series in Matte Grey and the 1929 series in Matte Black. The Matte colors allow you to put the flash where you want it!

To compliment the new Daiichi hooks we are offering the new ASG Competition slotted tungsten bead product line. These beads come in five sizes,2.5,3.0,3.5,4.0, and 4.6mm. There are 24 colors to choose and coordinate perfectly with all Daiichi hooks.

Just when you think there are no new innovations in leaders and tippets Varivas introduces and entire new line of products. We still offering the Standard 9’ leaders as always but we are excited to announce the new Pro Dry 11’leader, Record Master IGFA 12’ saltwater leaders, the all new Double Handed Salmon tapered SST 18’ leader and the DHS front heavy tapered 18’ leaders. These can be matched with a new assortment of both fluorocarbon and nylon tippets for the best possible performance. All new Varivas leader and tippets feature the proprietary double coatings for reduced abrasion and unprecedented strength to diameter index. These products are all in stock ready to ship today!

We have been selected at the exclusive distributor for the Magnet-i-que magnetic fly patch products. These innovative fly patches feature rare earth magnets that attach easily to your fly vest, jacket or t-shirt. They come with an additional d-ring as well for easy attachment to your garments. They are in stock and ready to ship from Angler Sport Group.




Have you ever needed a Lid Rig? We are now the distributors for the new innovative, patent pending Lid Rig Nippers. The Lid Rig offers heavy duty all stainless steel construction, sharp cutting blades and a handy eyelet needle and of course a bottle opener. Do you need a hook sharpener? The Lid Rig features a diamond impregnated hook sharpener for easy use. The Lid Rig is held to your Lid or vest by rare earth magnets for safe secure attachment. Yes, it is in stock and ready to ship!

Miss Mayfly: A Custom Wader Without a Custom Order

For the ladies, we would like to introduce Miss Mayfly Women’s Fishing and Wading Gear, the world’s first line of fishing and wading gear made exclusively to fit women of all shapes and sizes. Miss Mayfly utilizes lightweight fabrics, streamlined designs with superb functionality, and are sized to optimize a woman’s freedom of movement.

The Miss Mayfly Breathable Chest Wader has swiftly gained popularity for its reputation of exceptional fit, flattering design, durability, and performance optimization. Miss Mayfly has innovated a groundbreaking sizing system that is specifically created to fit a woman’s curves and flex with her body movements, making Miss Mayfly a favorite among women across the world and the leader in women’s sizing options.

The Miss Mayfly Chest Wader is available in 13 sizes, which focus on 4 body types; Slim, Curvy, Full, and Plus. Each body type comes in 3 bootie size options, fitting shoe sizes 5.5-11.5. They also offer an extra plus size 8-10 Supreme for those who need a little extra room. Miss Mayfly Waders will fit women who are slim up to 63″ in hip-width and up to 6’0” in height.


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