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Annie Margarita Leather Goods

Posted on February 14 2014

Several months ago I came across Annie Margarita leather goods on the Vintage Fly Tackle website and since then been been following her various projects online.  I wanted to highlight the work that she has been doing with reel cases and rod cases and in a future post will focus on the bead work that she had been doing as a part of other projects.

From the Vintage Fly Tackle website...

"Annie Margarita creates wonderful original artwork in leather. Fly fishing is her primary leisure activity and it is reflected in her enthusiasm for creating beautiful and utilitarian leather cases. She researches aquatic life and fish, artificial flies, and three-dimensional techniques to bring each case to life in its own unique way. Each case is designed individually and never repeated. Her cases are always named and have an antique finish to them to convey history and patina."

Visit Annie Margarita's website for more on her artwork and the mediums that she works with.

Check out the Vintage Fly Tackle website for more examples, along with pricing, of Annie Margarita's work.

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