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Art by Ed Novinsky

Posted on October 18 2012

Novinsky Rainbow Print
Original art by Ed Novinsky

Ed Novinsky has been part of the family at Alaska West for years.  It means a lot to spend time with folks who truly appreciate the places we love – and Ed pretty much pegs the Appreciation Meter at Alaska West.

Mike Duffy met Ed while guiding at Alaska West, and we’re going to leave it to Mike to tell you more about Ed – if you’ve got a couple of minutes, check out Mike’s fantastic piece on Ed.

Ed Novinsky Art on our Online Store

Anyhow, Ed is an amazing artist and we’re thrilled to have some of his work available on our online store.  We think his “Kanektok Rainbow” print pictured above captures the beauty those amazing fish.

You can own one of these lithographs for $110.  Check out the page on our store for more details.

We asked Ed to tell you a little bit about his work and his connection to Western Alaska.  Here’s where he’s coming from.

Introduction by Ed

As the boat came to a stop and my feet touched the gravel of Zoo Bar for the first time it became readily apparent that I was in a very special place. There was something in the air and something under the surface of that River that I could feel but not quite understand. I was here to photograph, observe and paint a Rainbow from the Kanektok River. I did catch, photograph and eventually paint one of Her Rainbows. That was so long ago that the years have somewhat blurred. What hasn’t blurred is that fact that I have been so incredibly blessed and lucky to have continued to come back to Alaska West each year to observe, catch and learn from this unique combination of water, fish and people.

I have caught and painted many of her fish since that July so long ago. I have also continued to observe and try to appreciate the nuances of each fish that I have landed and not landed and there have been many. That is not a testament to my ability or lack of but rather to the bounty and charity of a very special River and place.

My prints and paintings are successful in my eye if they hold a bit of the unique beauty of the beings and place that they portray. If a little of the joy of that rainy day that that Rainbow came too net is present or if I can remember the taste and smell of that shore lunch with my good friends maybe I have achieved a bit of my desire for this work.

If you have been lucky enough to walk Her bars and fish her runs I hope that these prints match your memories and if you haven’t I hope that these paintings and prints match your dreams.

E.T. Novinsky

For more details on ordering Ed’s “Kanektok Rainbow” print, have a look right here.

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