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Ask The Experts – Most Overlooked Trout Lie

Posted on October 31 2009

Think like a trout.
Photo: Cameron Miller

Mike Sanders isn’t the only Deneki expert who gave us some great input on those spots that Alaskan rainbows live in, but don’t always get covered by anglers.

Here’s what we asked our expert panel this time around –
“What’s the most overlooked type of trout lie in Alaska?”

And here’s what they said.

Matt Hynes has guided for a whole bunch of years in Alaska and Ohio. He also ties some pretty killer bugs.

“The inside of the inside seam, where there is no current. Drop a big flesh fly with enough weight to get to the bottom, and let it marinate. The only problem is usually there is TOO much natural flesh there. I’ve caught fish after ‘dead-sticking’ the fly for 5 minutes!”

Michael White fishes his butt off. He also represents Simms Fishing Products and other quality brands to fly shops in the Southern Rockies.

“The immediate edge of any shallow/riffle drop off. I’ve watched choker trout in inches of water right at the back edge of the shallow near the drop off. Fish above the edge, work your way down the shallow and let your sculpin fall over the edge for killer action. They eat mega!”

George Cook has been swinging flies in the Northwest since 1922. Well, it seems like that long ago. George is one of our guest spey instructors at Alaska West, and is the Northwest rep for Sage, Redington, Rio and other fine brands.

“‘Schnittle channels’. Little itty-Bitty side channels, most noteably in June and the front half of July.”

Dec Hogan is a legend in the Northwest. Among other things, he’s the author of A Passion for Steelhead, the definitive modern book on steelhead fishing.

“Anglers, and guides, need to be aware of changing conditions and feeding habits of Alaska bows. Where and how they position themselves and feed varies throughout the season. But here’s my insta-tip: When it comes to mousing (my favorite!), look beyond the traditional side-channels and grassy banks. Toss that lil’ mousie right out into the middle of the main channel, make him dance, and HANG ON!. I call it ‘mousing in the mainstream.’ Eeeh eeeh eeeeh ssqquueeaakk.”

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