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BASS Founder Ray Scott Inspired by 10-Inch Trout

Posted on October 23 2010

Glynn Harris digs up an unlikely story about the founding of what ultimately became the biggest business in fishing. He interviewed Ray Scott, and asked him what inspired him in 1969 to promote catch-and-release bass fishing — an idea that quickly turned into an industry.
“’All the fishermen moved down to watch him land his “prize”, a little trout about 10 inches long. Then he gently removed the hook and carefully released the fish and you never heard such taking on from the other fishermen,’ Scott recalled. ‘On the flight home, a light bulb went off in my head; we’re killing too many bass so from watching that one little trout being released,’ said Scott, ‘I started the ‘catch and release’ program fishing tournaments religiously follow even now.'” In the Bastrop Enterprise.

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