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Big Flies, Big Fish

Posted on April 01 2016

Huge gotcha fly pattern for bonefish.
The Deneki blog said they like big flies.. Photo: Kyle Shea.

When it comes to bonefish, at Andros South we generally subscribe to the ‘big fly, big fish’ theory. Our fish tend to like bigger flies than many other popular bonefish fisheries (think Belize, Christmas Island, and so on).

Inevitably we get asked the question, “well, how big a fly are we talking?” So, today we thought we’d share a photo of Deneki GM, Mike Sanders, picking out a winner from his bonefish box.

Yeah, you got us.. Happy April Fools Day.

All kidding aside.. Our bonefish really do like bigger flies. But, when we say ‘big’ we’re really talking something like a size 2 for our flats (not quite an 8/0). In fact, for a detailed list of some of our favorite patterns for South Andros (along with fly tying instructions), click here!

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