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Biolite: The SolarHome 620

Posted on April 12 2018

From BioLite:

Feel at home, off-grid! The SolarHome 620 is a compact, portable and self-contained system of solar lighting and charging that can turn any off-grid structure into an electrified home. Ideal for cabins, van life, and hunting structures, it features a 6-watt panel, 3 daisy-chaining lights, USB charging, and radio/mp3 capabilities.

Hanging daisy-chained lights offer multi-room lighting, with individual spaces to control your space. The optional motion sensor offers a quick hit of pathfinding light or a heads-up for nearby movement. Powered by a compact 6-watt solar panel, the central control box keeps devices charged and the music going. The LCD backlit display gives real-time feedback on power and sun strength.

Key Features include:

  • 6-watt Solar Panel- Generate your power from the sun, and store it inside the system’s 20-watt hour powerbank,
  • Control Box- The LCD Display provides real-time feedback on power level, speaker control and device charging.
  • MP3 & Radio Capability- Access your music with the on-board speaker via micro SD.
  • Power Out- Charge phones and other gadgets via two USB ports.
  • Lighting- Multi-room Lighting- illuminate multiple spaces with two daisy-chaining, 100-lumen lights.
  • Motion Sensor- The third hanging light can sense passersby for added security, or a quick hit of path-finding.
  • Individual Control- Control each 100-lumen light with independent light switches that offer lo/med/hi settings

MSRP: $149.95

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