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Posted on September 19 2016

Chrome king salmon at Alaska West.
Now that’s chrome. Photo: Ben West.

Today we present you with nothing more than a photo that any hardcore salmon or steelhead angler will appreciate..

We talk all the time about how much we love catching big salmon and steelhead at our lodges, the majority of which are as bright as the face of nickel – a tell tale sign of fish fresh from the ocean. We’re really fortunate to have lodges located so close to the ocean that we’re able to target salmon and steelhead having entered our rivers in only a matters of hours – something we think is pretty darn special.

While flipping through photos of the summer past, we recently stumbled across this photo of a healthy king salmon as bright as can be. There’s bright, and then there’s chrome bright, and we think this photo does a good job at illustrating the difference.

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