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Blue Holes

Posted on May 01 2011

Blue Holes by Louis Cahill Photography
Hop on in! Photo: Louis Cahill

South Andros Island has a whole bunch of blue holes – spots where giant holes have formed near vertically in the surrounding limestone.  Some of our blue holes are out on the flats and full of sea life (fishing in a blue hole can be awfully exciting).

Others, like this one, are inland blue holes that just drop down in the middle of ‘the bush’.  There’s been quite a bit of research into what blue holes are all about – how they connect to aquifers and each other, how they’re affected by tides, etc.  We find that stuff really interesting.

But there’s one simple fact about our inland blue holes that is not at all hard to understand.  On a hot day, it is an awfully nice break to walk a few minutes to a blue hole, and hop on in!  They’re just about the finest swimming holes around.

If you want to learn more about blue holes, Wikipedia has a decent explanation of that they’re all about.

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