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Bonefish Rods for Different Conditions

Posted on May 05 2011

Bonefish Rods
With great visibility like this, probably a fast 8. Photo: Cameron Miller

Tom Larimer’s back today with some commentary on bonefish rods based on his trip to Andros South last month.  We think Tom’s dead on – have a read.

Bonefish Rods

As conditions change during a day of flats fishing for bonefish, you need to change your tackle to be successful. In the early morning or on cloudy days, your guide isn’t going to see many fish beyond 35 feet. In these conditions, it’s not uncommon to get shots in the 15 to 25 foot range. A medium or medium fast action 7 weight is the tool of choice for close range casting. You want a rod that will quickly load up with minimal line out the rod tip.

Conversely, in bright light conditions your guide will see fish well in front of the boat. You’ll get a lot of shots at bones at 25 to 90 feet. It pays to have a faster action 8 weight for these conditions. A faster rod will give you maximum line speed, which is crucial for longer shots and for blasting through the wind.

Next time you’re headed to Andros South to chase monster bonefish, think about bringing a couple of different rods for specific fishing situations – you’ll be happy you did.

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