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Bonefishing for Beginners – Roundup

Posted on September 02 2016

Releasing bonefish by Peter Viau.
Bonefishing! Photo: Peter Viau.

We’re in the process of wrapping up our seasons here in the north country. That means it won’t be long before we make our way south for a little bonefishing, and we hope some of you are getting ready to do the same!

Fly fishing for bonefish might seem a little daunting to anglers who have never experienced the flats before. However, we fish with a whole bunch of first timers each season at Andros South Lodge, and we’re here to tell you, it’s not as hard as you might think!

Whether fresh or saltwater, fly fishing skills are transferrable. Nonetheless, we’d like to help break the learning curve with a roundup of posts on bonefishing for beginners.


Bonefishing for Beginners – Roundup

  1. How to Catch a Bonefish. In three simple steps!
  2. How Far Do You Have to Cast? Probably not as far as you think.
  3. Bonefishing is Really Hard – Think Again! You can do it!
  4. How to Pack for Your Day of Bonefishing. Bring the right stuff.
  5. The Ready Position. First time bonefishing? Here’s how to start.
  6. 9 Questions About Bonefishing You Were Afraid to Ask. Just what it says!
  7. Flats Fishing and Humility. The cold hard truth for beginners and experts alike.
  8. The Best Time to Go Bonefishing. Not sure when to go? This should help.

Thinking about giving the flats a try? Drop us a line for more information!

Even More Posts on Bonefishing

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