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Bristol Bay - A Place to Behold“No single species defines the...

Posted on May 05 2014

Bristol Bay - A Place to Behold

“No single species defines the Pacific coast more so than salmon. While efforts to restore and preserve these salmon runs in the lower 48 continue, in Bristol Bay things exist as they always have.

"The intensity with which this ecosystem and landscape hum is unmistakable. At its center are Lake Illiamna and the Nushagak River.  Alaska’s largest lake and its tributaries are responsible for almost half the region’s sockeye salmon and represent the largest salmon run on earth.  The Nushagak is the next largest producer and one of the top king salmon rivers on the planet.”

This is an excerpt from an essay by Pat Clayton. You may read the rest of it, and view his wonderful imagery, on his blog, Fish Eye Guy Photography.

original content Pat Clayton

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