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Bristol Bay Fight Pits Miners Against Financiers, Candy Makers and Jewellers

Posted on August 24 2008

You could easily define the argument over whether or not a massive mine should be built in the Bristol Bay watershed by looking only at the source of money being used in the battle over public opinion. The pro-mine forces are being funded with millions of dollars from the mining companies themselves. Those opposing the mine are fly fishers and businessmen, including Bob Gillam, hedge fund manager Louis Moore Bacon, financier John Childs, and Ernest Mars Jr. of Big Horn, Wyo., who was CEO of Mars, Inc. (Of course Alaskan lodge owners, fly fishing manufacturers and Trout Unlimited are significant donors as well.) Tiffany’s opposition to the mine has also made big news in recent months. Dermot Cole compares the fight to a well-funded political campaign.
Read more about the important Tuesday ballot initiative that Gillam and others are supporting on the Alaska DNR Web site.

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