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Carl Hiaasen's New Golf Book

Posted on May 05 2008

When the Wall Street Journal ran a story on Carl Hiassen’s new book The Downhill Lie: A Hacker’s Return to a Ruinous Sport, I couldn’t help but once again notice the similarities that might compel a fly fisher to play golf, and vice-versa.
WSJ: Have you played golf since finishing your book?
Hiaasen: I actually played yesterday. I hadn’t played in a month. I disgraced myself completely. A lot of the strategy in golf involves getting your excuses lined up. This time there were no alibis, it wasn’t windy, there were no snakes on the course. I shot an abominable 97.” We don’t have many snakes on saltwater flats, but we do have rays. And more than one beaver has spoiled a perfect drift of the fly.
By the way, you won’t see Hiaasen fishing “like a putz.” He’s recognized as one of the top bonefishers around. You can see his fly box on MidCurrent.

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