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Casting Tip – Accelerate Your Haul

Posted on March 08 2012

Casting Tips from Tim
Tips from Tim.

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Tim Rajeff at Andros South.  As many of you know, Tim is the man behind Airflo Fly Lines in North America, and Echo Fly Rods everywhere.  He’s also a very successful competitive caster – he’s got the chops to back it all up.

Anyhow, Tim was kind enough to pass on some casting pointers to anyone who was interested.  Your fearless editor didn’t pass up the chance to pick Tim’s brain – this is one of the tips that Tim dropped on us!

Accelerate Your Haul

We all know that one of the fundamentals of fly casting is the fact that your rod hand accelerates through the casting stroke, whether on the forward cast or the back cast, and then comes to an abrupt stop.  Do the same thing with your line hand and your double haul.

Rather than just giving your line a uniform yank when you haul, accelerate smoothly with each haul.  Start out slow, gradually build speed and give the haul a little ‘pop’ at the end, just prior to stopping your line hand.  One way to achieve this acceleration with your line hand is to break your wrist right at the end of your haul – that will really generate some speed at the end of your stroke.

Just as it does with your rod hand, accelerating the motion of your line hand in your haul will add line speed and generate tighter loops, and those are two areas where more is always better!

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