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Chasing Bad Luck

Posted on January 08 2016

This seven minute shortie from LIVITFILMS has been bouncing around the internet for a few weeks now and it perfectly illustrates that this game ain't always easy.  The road miles, on the water all damn day for missed strikes or no eats at all, and somehow, it's all so worthwhile.  No question, you'd do it all over again.

You might note the Allen Fly Fishing logo in the end credits of the film and they also recently signed on to put some support behind T.F.M. which is always appreciated. 

Allen Fly Fishing, and their latest brand, Exterus Outdoor Research, have been expanding their reach over the last several years and it's been neat to see these companies grow with some solid gear offerings, including more and more which are "Made In U.S.A.".

P.S... Use code "TFM30" for 30% off  your next order on the Allen Fly Fishing website.

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