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Chuitna Mine: Pebble is not Alone…We as humans sometimes rest...

Posted on October 15 2013

Chuitna Mine: Pebble is not Alone…

We as humans sometimes rest after large battles, even during them, and often find that when we stand back up, we’ve lost. Pebble Mine events have swung in our favor recently, and while that battle isn’t over, another is creeping up with very little notice. An excerpt from The Cleanest Line:

“If you’re reading this then you’re likely familiar with the proposed Pebble Mine, an enormously controversial copper and gold mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. But chances are you haven’t heard of the proposed Chuitna Mine, which is a problem. Like Pebble, Chuitna is a proposed massive extractive resource project that, if permitted, will have a devastating effect on Alaska’s wild salmon stocks. But unlike Pebble, few people outside of Alaska have ever heard of the Chuitna Mine. I was blissfully unaware of its existence until I met Sam Weis.”

Get up and press on. This mine is as bad or worse than Pebble for salmon stocks, the businesses and people that rely on them, and the land in Alaska!
Read the full story and take action on The Cleanest Line.

story by Paul Moinester
photo Dave McCoy

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