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Clear Cure Goo Hydro – Why We Like It

Posted on June 21 2016

Clear cure goo hydro review.
Good stuff on good flies. Photo: Jason Whiting. 

While our summer seasons have officially begun, for the past few months our guides have been busy preparing for the season, organizing gear, and primarily tying flies.. A lot of flies!

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed one thing has become a staple in many of our guide’s fly tying kits, and that is Clear Cure Goo Hydro. Why? We’ll tell you!

Clear Cure Goo Hydro – Why We Like It

Clear Cure Goo is a clear forming epoxy alternative that can be used for many fly tying purposes and cures with a UV light in only a matter of seconds. When tying flies for an entire guiding season, Clear Cure Goo Hydro gives us a fast alternative to head cement which we’ve grown really fond of. Here’s why.

  1. It’s fast. When you tie as many flies as often as we do, the last thing you want to spend your time doing is waiting for head cement to dry. After you apply the Clear Cure Goo, just hit it with the UV light for a couple seconds and you will be all set with a clean solid finish.
  2. Fine point applicator. For the majority of tying done here in Alaska and British Columbia, we use sealants to help reinforce the attachment of various materials to our flies as well as to finish off the head at the front of the fly. The fine point applicator makes this very nice in that you can be very precise in where and how much Goo you use.
  3. Can be cleaned up if spilled. It seems we all have some friend who has a spilled a bottle of super glue or cement on their tying desk, and now has the hardened result making up the base of their tying area. As long as you are out of direct UV light, and accidentally spill a bottle of Clear Cure Goo, just quickly grab some paper towels, wipe it up, and you’re good to go!

While we prefer the ‘Hydro’ series of Clear Cure Goo for most of our fly tying applications, Clear Cure also makes a whole variety of products with varying consistencies to handle all sorts of epoxy style flies. Pick some up at your local fly shop today!

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