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Coconut Jelly

Posted on November 13 2015

Eating coconut jelly.
Coconut jelly makes us happy. Photo: Mike Sanders.

It probably comes as no surprise, but we have a few coconuts hanging around at Andros South. When most people think about coconut, they tend think of the harder, white, delicious ‘meat’ found from the flesh of a mature coconut. Others might think of tasty coconut water, also known as nature’s sport drink.

What most people don’t think of, and may not even be aware of, is the super tasty jelly-like snack found inside an immature coconut, known as.. You got it..  ‘Coconut jelly.’

Before a coconut reaches maturity, a thin layer of gelatinous coconut flesh blankets the inside of the coconut. This layer is easily scooped out (preferably with a spoon made from the coconut husk itself), and eaten as a delicious, and highly nutritious, snack.

We’re really lucky on South Andros, as there’s certainly no shortage of fresh coconuts. And trust us, we eat our share of jelly.

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