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Colorado Tailwaters: Five Degrees and Rising Trout

Posted on February 23 2008

More fly fishers are heading out in the last weeks of winter to fish tailwaters, perhaps encouraged by the absence of manic crowds, and the fact that the best fishing of the day happens either side of lunch. And while big fish are to be found feeding on midges, frigid conditions also require more observation of trout locations and feeding patterns, as Roger Wheaton notes in “Time for Tailwaters.” “Learning to position yourself properly once you’ve discovered a feeding trout is essential. Lethargic winter trout are focused on conserving their energy and won’t move far to intercept your offering. Precise casts are required. My preference is to position myself to the side and slightly upstream as close to the quarry as possible. Try to minimize glare so that you can follow the fly and watch the trout’s reaction at the same time.”

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