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Cortland Line Company Adds New Fly Lines

Posted on October 12 2010

Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip

Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip Low-Vis (Welded Loops)

Cortland‘s new Precision Dyna-Tip “Low-Vis” was designed  “from tip to taper” to tackle the full range of conditions and challenges that face trout anglers.  A longer head, extended rear taper, and larger-diameter running line give maximum line control.  The nylon braided core is coated with a low-memory jacket that stays supple in cold water, but won’t wilt in summer heat.  The 3-foot Dyna-Tip floats high on the water and lands softly to better enable drag-free drifts.  The welded loop gives you a quick, knot-free connection to your backing.  This line comes in Cortland’s Weight Forward Rocket 2 taper, and will be available in line weights 3 through 8.   MSRP is $69.

Precision Tropic Plus Bonefish

Precision Tropic Plus Bonefish (Welded Loops)

Cortland is also releasing a new Precision Tropic Plus Bonefish line.  Constructed with a hard, extremely durable coating on a braided, 30-pound monofilament core to withstand tropical heat.  It is high floating for quick pick-ups, an essential when a quick second cast is needed.  One nice feature of this line is color change (light yellow to aqua green), which gives you a visual reminder where the perfect pick-up point is located.  The pruposely overweighted head and short front taper will turn over large, air resistant flies.  Available for line weights 6 through 9, this weight-forward floating line has an MSRP of $69.

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