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Deneki Video Roundup

Posted on August 04 2011

Video Roundup
Lights, camera...

We start today with a special note to the more than 4,000 of you who read our posts in newsletter format.

First – thanks for subscribing!  Second – today you’re going to want to click here to view this post on our web site.  It’s mainly made up of embedded videos that you won’t see if you’re not actually on the web page.

It’s video roundup time!  We present to you 5 of the most popular videos on YouTube that are either about us, or by us.

Simms Film from Alaska West

Simms Fishing Products knows how special our team and fishery are.  That’s why we have a deep relationship with them that includes product testing, and that’s why they shot the first-ever Simms Film at Alaska West a few years back.  It focuses on a few of our team members, and we really like it.

Spey Casting Tips – Anchor Placement

Tom Larimer runs a premier guide service in Oregon, and he also works with us as a spey instructor and host at Alaska West, BC West and Andros South.  Here he rattles off quality tips on anchor placement.  We learned a lot filming this one!

Simms Film from Andros South

Hey, guess what!  After their experience at Alaska West, the Simms team headed down to Andros South and shot a piece focused on a couple of female anglers that you just might have heard of…

Managing Running Line

Michael White, Simms and Idylwilde Rep for the Southern Rockies, gives us a little lesson in managing running line when spey casting Skagit heads.  Gotta love the green Dean!

Casting Advice from South Andros

Torrie Bevans from Andros South passes on some sage advice about casting.  This one’s fairly entertaining, we think.

Ready to stop watching and start catching?  Drop us a line – we’d love to help you plan a trip.

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