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Diablo Paddlesports

Posted on September 11 2010

This is a super cool boat.
This is a super cool boat.

We saw a really cool boat at IFTD yesterday. It’s a unique concept by a company called Diablo Paddlesports. The boat is a ‘Hybrid SUP-Yak’ called the Adios.

What the heck is a Hybrid SUP-Yak? It’s a cross between a stand-up paddleboard and a sit-on-top kayak that’s purpose-built for fishing. OK, so what does that mean? Well, you can sit on it and paddle it like a kayak to get to where you want to fish, then stand up on it and paddle it like a paddleboard, then grab your rod and make a cast when you want to fish. Right on.

In our humble opinion, these are the cool things about the Adios.

  • It’s reported to be really stable – anyone can hop on, stand up and paddle.
  • It comes with a unique convertible paddle that goes from double-blade kayak mode to stand up paddle mode easily.
  • It’s got a super clean design, with very little to catch fly lines.
  • It weighs 69 pounds so it’s easy to get to and from the water.
  • Loaded down with 300 pounds, it drafts all of 2.75 inches.

Lake fishing, river fishing, light inshore fishing…it’s all in play.  Hmmm, maybe on those days on South Andros when the guests are all out fishing, we could slide one into Deep Creek…

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