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"Do-It-Yourself New Zealand"

Posted on December 23 2010

New Zealand is considered both exotic and out-of-reach financially for many North American and European anglers. So Montana guide Toby Swank’s new series on fly fishing New Zealand’s South Island on is a welcome introduction. The second in the four-part series offers this bit of advice about rod selection:

“The typical cast in New Zealand is relatively short, 30-40 feet, with plenty of opportunities well inside 20 feet. Perhaps the hardest aspect to master are those short casts with 12- to 18-foot leaders. I typically take a 9-foot 5-weight, with a 9-foot 6-weight as a backup for those insanely windy days and in case I decide to try some streamer fishing along the way. Finally, I always take a 7-piece rod with me in my carry-on and throw it in my pack just about everyday.”

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