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Douglas Outdoors Launches Premium SKY Fly Rod Series

Posted on May 23 2016

douglasFrom Douglas Outdoors:

Douglas Outdoors is a full line producer of fly & conventional fishing rods and reels, available through dealers around the world. With the addition of the Premium SKY rod series Douglas Outdoors rounds out the product offerings for dealers and consumers alike from opening price point to the ultra-premium.

Douglas Outdoors rod designer Fred Contaoi brings a vast range of experience including having fished over 50 countries along with over 20 years of tournament competition. Contaoi has designed and built rods for internationally known brands fine tuning his craft over the years.

Contaoi developed the Douglas Outdoors SKY rod series from the ground up integrating features never before used in major market fly rods. Using the exclusive and proprietary next generation nano carbon matrix materials Contaoi created the eye opening strength to weight ratio throughout SKY rod series.

Contaoi said, “The SKY rods are clearly light in the hand which is a great advantage on the water but just being light in itself is not enough. The entire SKY series of rods were specifically designed with different actions for usage and weights by individual rod blank. Broad labels of ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ of a rod series are common and generally accurate in the industry but the SKY rod series breaks from such labeling. The blanks were designed for over two years and incorporated feedback from leading industry experts putting the rods through the rigors of multiple fishing environments. Each rod blank has different actions due to usage and line weights, all tuned to the highest performance for that usage.”

Regarding the integration of never before used components by a major market fly rod series, such as the first ever use of the most advanced Fuji Torzite stripping guides, Contaoi notes, “We set our sights to develop the highest performing and most versatile rod series in the market. We knew we would need to break some new ground to achieve this. The Fuji Torzite guides are lighter, stronger, slicker and are made with the thinnest ceramic insert producing a larger inside diameter for improved line flow. The stripping guide is supported by the angled Torzite titanium frame, never before seen in any major market fly rod creating the maximum tangle free properties and improved shooting power.”

Contaoi continued, “Incorporating the Fuji Torzite stripper guides in conjunction with the corrosion resistant and extremely flexible inline single-foot REC Recoil guides we have found the SKY rod series to be the highest performing fly rod ever used while casting and fighting fish.”

Dave McKenna, National Sales Manager with guiding experience that ranges from warmwater flats in Honduras, trout fishing in streams in the northeast to salmon\steelhead in Oregon, says, “The SKY rods have been put through the tests where it matters, on the water with casters of all abilities. From nymphing in freshwater streams to landing over 100 lb. tarpon in saltwater the SKY rod series has shown to be the most versatile rod series. The SKY rods are not just versatile in the range and type of fishing where they excel, but importantly the SKY rods provide noticeable casting advantages from the expert level competition casters to beginners. Normally premium performance rods are reserved for only the most experienced casters while the SKY rods provide an advantage to everyone.”

John Boyle, Vice President of Sales, notes, “We sought independent input throughout the years of design and testing of the SKY rods so it is appropriate that we launch by also providing reviews of the SKY rods from across the fly fishing industry with established and trusted voices. Fred Contaoi is the best in the industry at incorporating feedback into his designs so when it comes to the ultimate opinions that matter, those that are on the water with the SKY rods, we made sure we did everything in our power to supersede their expectations.” Boyle provided the following independent reviews on the SKY Rod Series.

George Anderson and the team at the Yellowstone Angler in Livingston, Montana produce one of the most recognized independent rod reviews with their annual shootouts. The SKY launched after the 2016 shootouts so we reached out to George to give his review. “I really love everything about these new sky rods.” Complete review can be read at

Charlie Reading of Reading’s Fly Shop in Lebanon, Missouri has fished 6 of the 7 continents and is a walking encyclopedia of fly fishing knowledge. “The SKY is an extremely versatile rod, capable of accommodating and type of line.” Complete review can be read at

Knowing the SKY rod series includes what Douglas Outdoors believes to be the best Euro Nymphing rod in the market Torrey Collins at UpCountry Sportfishing in New Hartford, Connecticut provided a review of the 11’ #3 Euro Nymphing SKY rod. Torrey and the group there know Euro Nymphing gear inside and out. “There is a new Euro Nymphing sheriff in town and its name is Douglas SKY 11’ 3WT.” Complete review can be read at

Sean Johnson of Stillwater Fly Shop in Sunriver, Oregon reviewed a range of weights as they cater to not just the fishing in their backyard of the northwest but to clients worldwide. “Hitting the target at all ranges was almost effortless.” Complete review can be read at

SKY rods are available at your trusted local dealers today.


Douglas Outdoors is owned by a legendary conservation family, the Barclays, in Upstate NY. In addition to the Premium SKY fly fishing rods Douglas Outdoors has produced offerings that have won national and international recognition & awards. Douglas Outdoors product offerings include opening price point DHF & LRS fly rods, mid-price DXF rods, Specialty Upstream Ultra-lite rods, Nexus disc-drag fly reels, 100% Made in USA Argus click check reels, DXS & DXC conventional rods used by professionals on national and regional tours.. Douglas Outdoors is also the exclusive distributor of Plastica Panaro Italian fly and tackle boxes.

Douglas Outdoors rods are available now at quality local and online dealers.

For more information about Douglas Outdoors SKY rods visit where you can also signup for product information updates.  A downloadable sheet on the SKY rods is available at

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