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Dr. Slick Announces New Tools for 2009

Posted on August 19 2008

Among the new fly fishing items that Dr. Slick is bringing to market in 2009 are a $12 combination nail knot/nipper tool, a Wizard Split Shot Clamp for removing split shot, ergonomic twisted-loop clamps that allow “about 50% more pressure than using the thumb and forefinger alone as with a traditional hemostat,” and new Braid Scissors, designed to cut SpiderWire, Spectra and other types of modern braided lines.
Read the full press release in the extended entry.

BELGRADE, Mont. – A full arsenal of tools from Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers that make things better, brighter and easier for fly-fishers and fly-tiers is on tap for 2009. It is the largest roll-out of Dr. Slick fishing accessories in five years.
Included are a fail safe nail knot tying tool that is attached to a nipper, in essence becoming two tools in one; new nippers with a hook file, pin and attachment cord; a device for removing split shot, ergonomically twisted-loop hemostats (clamps) that can apply about 50% more pressure than regular clamps; and a scissors used to cut the latest generation of braided lines.
An attached orange Nylon® cord on all nippers replaces chains and snaps. The nippers are constructed of high grade Japanese stainless steel. All standard nippers are priced at $8.
The Dr. Slick nail knot tier offers a new approach to attaching a monofilament butt section to a fly line. “It is a ‘new take’ on the traditional nail knot tying device and makes for easy, fool-proof use whether in the field or at a work bench,” said Dr. Kenneth A. High, president of the innovative gadget manufacturer. The nail knot tool, which is attached to a nipper, is retail priced at $12.
The split shot clamp was designed by Dr. Slick in a joint effort with Tim Tollet of Frontier Angler in Dillon, Mont.
The clamp has an anvil triangle jaw on one side and recessed indentions on the other side. An angler simply puts the split shot attached to the leader or tippet material into one of the indentations and pushes the anvil jaw until the split shot spreads open and drops off. If an angler is attaching a split shot, it is done using the tips of the tool.
The split shot clamp can be used on very small tungsten, tin and lead shot and also functions as a stand-alone clamp allowing removal of hooks from fish and barb crushing.
“The uniqueness in this designed and engineered tool is in the built-in gap that prevents the leader from being cut,” said Dr. High. The split shot clamp in either gold loop or black oxidized finish retails for $16.
Dr. Slick ergonomic twisted-loop clamps eliminate the awkwardness anglers often encounter when using a hemostat to remove a hook from a wiggling fish, crush a barb or perform other functions. The twisted loop clamps – with one loop positioned in a manner similar to the way a human thumb is curved at an angle opposing a person’s fingers – permits the hand and wrist to function in a more natural, less constrained position. The new loop structure also allows about 50% more pressure than using the thumb and forefinger alone as with a traditional hemostat.
Twisted loop clamps will be available in five sizes and configurations. They will retail from $16 to $20.
Braid scissors have been designed to neatly cut braided lines (SpiderWire, Spectra, et al) that are being used more and more as flyline backing and in the tying of specialty flies. Dr. Slick braid scissors will retail for $7.
Other improvements in the Dr. Slick fly-fishing and tying tools for 2008/2009 include:
• New appearance and finish on all clamps and scissors.
• Redesign on all curved scissors blades.
• Redesign on all curved clamp jaws, increasing the angle of the curve sharply.
• A second retractor added to the necklace.
• Redesign of the Pisces Pliers, now with tungsten carbide side cutters.
Dr. Slick Nail Knot Tool
2-inch satin finish, straight nipper cutting blade – $12
2-inch black oxidized finish, straight nipper cutting blade – $12
Dr. Slick Shot Wizard Split Shot Clamp
5-inch, gold loops, gold jaws; straight jaws – $16
5-inch black oxidized finish; straight jaws – $16
Dr. Slick Ergonomic Twisted-Loop Clamps
4-inch gold loops; straight jaws – $16
5-inch gold loops; straight jaws – $17
6-inch gold loops; straight jaws – $18
5-inch Spring Creek, gold loops; straight jaws – $17
5-1/2-inch Scissors Clamp, gold loops; straight jaws – $20
Dr. Slick Nippers With Hook File, Pin and Nylon Attachment Cord
2-inch straight-face blade; satin finish – $8
2-inch straight-face blade; black oxidized finish – $8
2-inch offset angled-face blade; satin finish – $8
2-inch offset angled-face blade; black oxidized finish – $8
Dr. Slick Braid Scissors
4-inch black loops; straight blade – $7

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