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Echo3 7130 – Why We Like It

Posted on August 14 2012

ECHO 7130
This is not a picture of the rod's butt section! Photo: Tom Larimer

We recently had a chance to spend some time fishing ECHO’s new Echo3 7130 on the Deschutes River in Oregon.  As you might have guessed, this is a 13 foot rod for a 7 weight line – a great format for steelhead fishing on lots of water in the Northwest.

We fished the 7130 with an Airflo Skagit Compact and an Airflo Skagit Switch, both at 510 grains.  Airflo’s recommendation for this rod is a 540 Compact or a 510 Switch; regardless we fished it most with the 510 Switch.

We really liked the 7130.  We don’t have a detailed review for you today – we just thought we’d tell you some reasons we liked it.

Echo3 7130 – 4 Reasons We Like It

  1. Length.  13 feet is a great, versatile length.  It’s shorter than what would historically be normal for a rod of this format, and keeping with the trend of gradually shrinking spey rods.  This length gives lots of power and distance without a lot of fatigue, and it pairs well with modern Skagit heads like the Skagit Compact and the Skagit Switch.
  2. Weight.  It’s light but not too light.  We didn’t weigh it so this is totally subjective – it’s just got a nice, light, lively feel.
  3. Grips.  These are some of the most comfortable grips we’ve grabbed in a long time.  The cork feels nice and dense, and the shape suits our hands well.
  4. Price.  $549.99.  It’s a nice, modern, powerful, crisp steelhead rod, and it won’t break the bank.

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