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Eclectic Angler Reel Kit and Reelsmithing Book

Posted on January 26 2011

(L-R) brass, bi-metal, aluminum

Fly Reel Kit

So you’ve tied your own flies and built your own rods, but what about building your own reel? This Reel Kit form The Eclectic Angler comes with all of the materials needed to build your own fly reel. Each piece is pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-threaded (you will tap holes in the Delrin hub with the included self-tapping screw). A few basic hand tools and supplies are all you’ll need to complete the reel. This kit typically take three hours to assemble and finish. There are three metal options available: brass, aluminum, and bi-metal (aluminum and brass).  Each retails for $59.95 at the Eclectic Angler Web site.

The Reelsmith’s Primer – The Art of Hand-crafting Fly Fishing Reels

In The Reelsmith’s Primer, author Michael L. J. Hackney has made reelsmithing accessible to the inspired angler. With a few basic hand tools, an electric drill, Michael’s proven techniques, material selections, and clear step-by-step instructions, the reader will learn how to create functional and beautiful fly reels.

Following introductory chapters on the tools, materials, and techniques used, the aspiring reelsmith completes the four basic reel sub-assemblies: the frame, spool and drag, handle, and reel foot. The book’s task-oriented approach helps the reelsmith stay organized and keeps the process enjoyable. The final chapter, Reel Enhancements, presents ideas to customize the basic reel and techniques to help the reader design their own fly reels. This book is available in hard and soft cover, signed or unsigned, at The Eclectic Angler Web site for $25 (soft cover) to $40 (hard cover).  It is also available at the iTunes bookstore.

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