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EMERGER FLY FISHING - Leather Strap Work & The Big Finish

Posted on March 09 2018

In three T.F.M. posts this week, we've covered the story behind Emerger Fly Fishing in Post I, the fabric and leather assembly of the Cameron Side Bag in Post II and in this third post we'll cover making of the English Bridal leather strap and then the final reveal at the end of all the parts and pieces as one.

Thanks again to Chris Freeman for working together with photographer Darren Squashic in the creation of these blog posts.  The easy part was me sharing the work that they both did and this has been a very neat series to post on The Fiberglass Manifesto.  I hope that all who have followed along now have a deeper understanding of all the steps, work and design that is required in the completion of small shop produced handmade gear.

Chris Freeman wrote...  "Our English Bridle leather straps are cut straight from the hide and then cut to length."

"Holes are added to the straps, and the ends are punched."

"The hard edges are then beveled on top and bottom to shape the leather into something more comfortable for the hands."

"The edges are then slicked with a burnishing agent in order to smooth the graininess of the leather until it is as smooth as the top surface. After edge-slicking, the edges then go through two other treatments to add durability and water repellency. We do not dye or paint our edges. We like the contrast of the two tones. Finding the right process to keep the edge natural looking and still protected took quite a bit of time. The end goal is to have a strap that is comfortable in your hand, and on your shoulder as your side bag gets shifted around."

"Finally, the Emerger logo is stamped into the leather, and the leather is riveted on to its brass hardware."

"The strap meets its side bag for the first time, and the build is finished."

Want one of your own?  Visit the Emerger Fly Fishing website for more information and be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest shop news and product releases.

If you decide to place an order, remember to use the discount code of "TFM10" for 10% off your order.  Code is good on all online orders through Sunday, March 11, 2018. 

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