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"Euro-Nymphing," Wyoming Style

Posted on April 22 2005

“There are several ways Polish nymphing differ from the way most American anglers nymph:
* First and foremost, it is practiced without a strike indicator. The technique relies on keeping the line taut so the angler feels the strike.
* The leader is short — 6-8 feet — and has a heavy nymph or weight at the end to ‘feel’ the bottom. A nymph dropper or droppers are tied above it.
* A long rod — 9 feet is a popular choice — is used, and kept parallel to the water. The rod tip should move slightly faster than the current to keep the line tight.
* A turn of the wrist is added at the end of the run to move the fly sideways to entice any undecided fish to strike.”
Jack Dennis and Jeff Currier describe the techniques popularized by Polish angler Wladyslaw Trzebunia in their presentation at the Wyoming Angler’s Symposium. Willy Zimmer in the Jackson Hole Star Tribune.

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