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Fat Hooch Striper

Posted on September 01 2005

This news item was sent in by reader Kent Edmonds, a west Georgia fly fishing guide who chases stripers on the Chattahoochee river and nearby lakes. Just in case you thought that the only fat stripers caught on fly come from New England:
“On August 21 Joel Daniel of LaGrange landed what is perhaps the largest striped bass ever caught on a fly rod in Georgia. Georgia does not maintain fly-rod records, but the fish was 43 .lbs and it shattered the previous all-tackle record for the lake (Bartlett’s Ferry Lake – 24 lbs., 3 oz.) and the record for the upstream lake (West Point Lake – 33lbs., 10 oz.). The huge striper was caught on an 8-weight rod, with a sink-tip line, a 3/0 chartreuse and white deer hair deceiver with a 15-lb. tippet. Joel was fishing the rocky shoals of the Chattahoochee with fly fishing guide Kent Edmonds ( The fish was released strong and healthy.”
And here’s a large version of the fish photo.

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